Single mom and  a gecko traveler, I crawl out of the city as much as I can.I grew up in mountain barangay of Cebu City “Adlaon”, and I love the nature and I’m trying to protect and support awareness on how to handle it with care.

A frustrated racer, I like racing  bikes but I’m too small to handle them.

My best friend says that everyone likes me, I say he is wrong in a way, but I like his statement(who doesn’t, lol)

When I was still a child I dreamed of becoming an international newscaster ( but I don’t like the idea that they consider pleasing personality as one of qualification, haha- bitter). Well anyway moving forward, after years of working from one island to the other , I ended up now working  in an IT company as an office manager, not so fun job but it  pays well and I’m surrounded by cool people.

I love watermelon second to mangoes, and i struggle to eat as healthy as possible specially when I am in a city famous for ”Lechon”. I love Malunggay leaves (the soup with malunggay helps ease hangover) and adobong kangkong

One of the biggest challenge I ever encounter in life is being a mom of two super hyperactive little gecko(Pristine Feona and Roberts Eli), but I did it, with the help of people who cares about me and my journey, thanks to my family, best of friends, strangers and anyone who crosses my path and decides to be part of it.

This blog is about my interests, things and activities I love to do, food, places and about the people I care. A life’s virtual journal .

🙂 cheers

Im interested in :

music : reggae, techno, alternative rock, country, classic  🙂 almost all type of music as long as it doesn’t hurt my ears

color : blue,black, white

food : above mentioned + pancit bam-e, green salad, kesong puti and many mooooore

hobby: surfing, scuba diving,driving off road bikes, reading, writing, laugh trip



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