Sleepy Surfer Award





Lemme start this blog with the awesome view above. My accomodation for 3N/4D surf trip in Mati Davao-Nov26-29.

So whats up with the title ? Care to explain πŸ˜€

Well, its my most prestigious award from a recent surf trip in Mati Davao Oriental- Dahican Beach.This is how it goes:

A friend of mine knowing my addiction to the saline water ask me to join an organized event called ”Ripples goes to Dahican”. With no hesitation,Β I said yes, that was like 3 months before the scheduled surf trip (Nov.26-29). I paid down payment of 3000 pesos to secure the slot and as down payment also , total package fee is P8500 which can be paid in installment before the event, package covers our accommodation for 3N/4D, food, van transfers, surf instructor/guide and surf board rentals.

But things went wrong with my schedules and the event is getting closer, I’m slowly drifting away, sad , mad, upset all negative vibes engulf me, so I decided to cancel my slot 2 times and then 3rd time.But hold on, do you believe in miracles ? … miracles do happen. Few days before the event I got the money to pay for the remaining balance of the package plus my work leave was approved, so this is it pancit !!! Happy gecko is jumping with joy and immediately pack my bags and ready to go. Alas we touched down Davao city in the morning of Nov.26, 2015-thursday.

Our first day was spent on a side trip in Samal Island, first stop is the Hagimit Waterfalls, series of 1-1.5m drops of curtain like water.Second stop was funny, hahahaa everyone in the group knows why so I just say thank you for the ”Johnny’s Ride ” makes a huge difference on our trip πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ and ohhh theres more, that addicting water slide that ends you falling into the sea, finally what makes this side trip special is our illegal trip underwater without the lifebelt(which is extremely prohibited by the lifeguard) just to have our mermaid photos taken, sorry for that but we can be kids too,.. sometimes.

After the Side trip in Samal we’re off for the real purpose- the ”waves”. Arriving in Mati is a relief for all of us, although it’s dark already we can already feel the roaring waves splashing into the sand. We have our welcome dinner which is a hot Sinigang soup and barbecue (yohooooo just right for hungry tummy).After dinner we had a quick orientation for the entire surfing program and we got to be introduce with other campers.The following day, everyone woke up early (alams na bakit Β πŸ™‚ – its our first day of surfing, so everyone was on their boardshorts , bikini and surfing attires.First, the instructor and head guide Mac do the demonstration for basic of surfing , then we grab our boards and paddle towards the line up.I was able to catch some small waves, small but really good enough for me already and was more than happy just to be in the waters again. Sometimes just even staying flat on the board pushed by white waves is like an orgasm for a life time-oooops sorry for the word, but you will know it once you tried surfing. The next day we surf again in a secret spot known to locals, only 2-3 houses present nearby. Waves are just everywhere, its like a playground full of lego blocks, and palm trees and blowing winds, what more can you ask for ? ahahaha another pair of bikini maybe πŸ™‚ , after morning surf we head back to the resort to grab our late breakfast and relax a bit, some of the campers went to surf in Dahican beach but I was too tired from the morning session and of course you know already where to find me, in the hammock dreaming mode. Afternoon program is the glider thingy, I was actually dispensing cash before arriving to Mati just to try riding this toy in Mati. But wait , where am I again the last time you saw me? mmmmm of course in my hammock. So when I wake up there is no one in the resort, campers were gone gliding 😦

But someone came back to pick me up yohooooo so I was able to glide too πŸ™‚


Our last day of surfing is everyone’s favorite place -the secret spot.After surfing almost an hr I lend the long board that I use to another camper,then I was cheering other beginners like me when they can catch waves, shouting them ”awesome, great yohoooo”. Then I assisted fellow camper too, pushing him when waves are closer. Ten mins after ,one of the Local community leader Kuya Jun ask me to try on his short board, of course at first I’m hesitant because his short board is for the pro and I’m quite not good in balancing yet so in my mind I cant handle short boards yet, but there’s no harm in trying anyways, for fun you know,hehe. So first I got lessons from Kuya Jun about surfing, then he told me the advantage of being small and having a short board.He also emphasize to me the correct way of paddling(for me this is very useful).I actually was dreaming to learn surfing with short board since its lighter and easy to maneuver and I’m crazily dreaming of doing surf stunts hahaha (5yrs from now) that’s my long term plan.So back to the lesson from Kuya Jun ,first few waves he tried to push me and see if I can stand on the board, of course I failed 3x 😦 then came the next 2 waves where I perfectly stand on the board and was able to catch it omaygasssssssssssshhhhhh it was just the best time of my life my life.Then I was hooked and don’t wanna stop, I tried paddling in my own and yes I catch another 2 waves -something to celebrate, only lacking is the lenses that captures it. But anyways next time will be ready for documentation, I promise.


To cap it all, it was super awesome 4days, best food, you wake up everyday with smell of coffee followed by sumptous meal, then the sexy waves calling you out, its something you will wish will be your life everyday. You got to discover also some places in the locality , like waterfalls , museums and eat the local popular fruit buongon- ang maliit na lemonsito awww, d diay reverse lemonsito ang maliit na buongon πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ super sweet buongon don’tΒ know the english term.

But Β you know whats more awesome on this trip, the people around you are just equally crazy and Β happy people from different walks of life in all ages we were drawn to a single passion- surfing. Started as strangers to each other but left as friends who shares happy moments, laugh trips and many groupies πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ see, life is awesome bruh, Live it ,it to the fullest please πŸ™‚

But wait going back to the title, why why why I was awarded as Sleepy Surfer when they dont have evidences πŸ™‚

See this : caught in the act !

12316637_1802238333336565_4627203129978982640_n 12274686_1802239150003150_8961150853077431417_n

But I am truly the awardee,I admit , you can also ask the organizer and fellow campers why πŸ˜‰ I am a small gecko , so no one caught me sleeping, but i did in many times. Almost miss the glider, the food , the surfing just because moments that I can SLEEP , I immediately do πŸ˜‰

I wanna grab this opportunity to thank you for RIPPLES the event organizer Mac Co Senora, Cielo, Stacey, Aldrin, Jah and Walter – because you impress me then you did a good job!!! Thank you sponsors for nice surfprising gits πŸ˜‰ Thanks also everyone for the laugh trips know who you ares, my new set of friends!

See more pics here

xoxo until the next surf trip )))

What I cant forget about this trip.

  1. The waves
  2. ukelele peoples (darn they’re so talented)I’m impressed.
  3. the laugh trips
  4. #movenpick Β πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ooops its not the hotel you know, ask Stacey :p
  5. nice sleeps

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