How it started ? – my motorcycle diary

Meet Rockstar !!!



He’s a 150CC off road Kawasaki motorbike. Few months ago I had my first ride with him.Felt something new , something that Iv’e been longing to feel years back.But first I need to tell you how I got hooked to this crazy hobby of driving off road bikes.

I learn to drive motorbike when I was 12yrs old, yes 12yrs old I was in 6th grade by the time I first have my wounds, exhaust burns and bruises from so many crashes, but didn’t bother me at all, the pain is nothing compared to the bragging feeling specially when you see everyone is staring at you enviously or an awe expression because no one can almost believe that at such young age a little woman is capable of driving a huge and heavy motorbike – a Honda TMX 155 which weighs almost 240lbs, it is the most popular motorbike used in the mountain Barangays in Cebu during middle 1990’s when roads are mostly rough and difficult. It is my elder brother’s motorbike, he’s my first mentor in learning the dos’ and donts’ in driving a 2 wheel vehicle.My first owned motorbike in 2008 is very unfortunate – it was stolen in just about 6months in my possesion, as to how , I don’t wanna recall because it gave me trauma. The next 4 years I distant myself into driving after losing my very first bike.Moments go by , the dreams to own another bike haunts me as I sleep, I still watch videos of motocross series locally and internationally, I guess because the passion for driving motorbikes and loving the speed with adrenaline is running into my veins ever since. Moreover, driving teaches me valuable lessons such as, being focus- because if not accident can happen, it also teaches me discipline and being careful. I use to have no fear in driving , now I consider it as a fools philosophy, I value life , I value Rockstar and most importantly I learn that driving is not just about the transportation, not just about destination but its about many things-from the Physics of your surroundings unto the mechanics of the machine you are riding and the physical mindset you have.

So fast forward, currently I have Rockstar now, a very powerful friend who transport me from the city where I work to my hometown for about 30kms travel in 30mins time.Above all, he always fulfill my desire to fly up higher, each obstacles we overcome and getting through rough roads along the way , Rockstar never let me down 🙂

Rockstar shall be my partner in reaching places, unknown or off the beaten path.

practice day :









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