North Sand Bar

I started googling where’s North Sand Bar hoping anyone has been there and I can get idea how to get there and ho much it cost. Hooray I came across to this weekend blog of Mr. Alex Yap, and actually it was the only article available online about North Sand Bar. The blog was so detailed and excites me already and honestly the orgasm for another beach starts to crawl in my veins haha 😛 …I got enough infos’ except of one thing. the contact # of the boat owner who brought Alex and his group to this island. So I left a comment on the blog, then started to look for Alex on FB and there I find him  I didn’t hesitate to send a message asking for the Boat owner’s number, moments later he responds with the contact person and the number.

Fast forward all is set and arrange  SUNNY day  sunday finally (Nov.9,2014), everyone is excited except that this day would be  Bryce last day in the Philippines. Since he falls in love with Philippine beaches so we plan to head to this tiny little but picturesque sand bar in between Leyte and Bohol.

Travel time from Maribago wharf to the sand bar is around 1.5hrs since the sea is calm and not much wind.Boat crew told us it could take bit longer of their is wind and waves, so the day was really for US.

Along the way  everyone was talking , taking pictures and singing and drinking  and then suddenly a group of small size birds suddenly glides near the boat, that was just awesome, but it was too fast to chase with my lenses , later I realize I could have just use video mode, but it was too late 😦

As we approached the Sand Bar we were enthralled with this marvelous ambience and turquoise water.Theres a little stretch of sand and one boat dock nearby, and kids and families swimming. Darn it, we wanted the sand bar to be ours that day but heyyyy we still enjoyed it, and even Bryce got new friends with the group on the other boat 🙂 friendly Bryce. Everyone’s camera is out, posing here and there where every corner  is a good view. It was really beautiful and seriously couldnt describe it more than just beautiful place.

It is a deserted area and only one small concrete structure standing like a lighthouse. Here’s a sneak peak on some of the photos :

One thing I found out when i started to swim, the other side of the sand has warm waters, while on the other has cold, don’t’ have any idea yet why , but I’m just thankful I have a choice  🙂 I did snorkel but not much corals, mostly sea grass.The boatman catches some small fish for dinner at home and 2 huge crabs.

Note: Please bring lots of sunblock, there is no other shades there except the boat, once you get ut from the boat  you will be kissed wholly by the sun.

Boat contact: Ate Nora Fosado 0932 668 3985, boat is good for 35 person for P7000 only, cheaper compared to other boat. I contacted another one but charges 9k up no less than that. Ate Nora also has other smaller boat that can cater smaller groups and can also chose other islands like Pandanon, talima, Olango or nearby islets.

For more Photos you can browse on my album on Facebook profile.

This is our photo before departure:

Group picture before departure , the sand comes out more and more as it is going lowtide.




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