International Coastal Clean up Day 09.20.2014

Came across to a post for Coastal Clean-up schedule happening over the weekend in Mactan, and what interest me more is that it will be done through SUP- the popularized Stand Up Paddle activity using paddle and a board made of wood or synthetic fiber resin  bigger than a surf board, being a water person I didn’t hesitate to commit to join and started inviting friends to join me, I gathered at least 3 others who immediately say yes.

And so the day comes, we head straight to Kontiki Dive Center and Resort where my contact Buzzy Budlong-the man behind Mactan SUP activities is based.The activity is sponsored by Maribago Bluewaters Resort supported by City Governement of Mactan and different private sectors and NGO’s. Our group representing the Island Buzz Philippines collected at least 18kgs. of trash mostly plastics that floats in the water, it is sad to see them floating when the seas and the oceans where they don’t belong other groups of divers collected more trash and some other stuffs like rubbers,tires and more. After an hour or 2 everyone is back bringing all the trash collected, the organizers start weighing and segregating all these trash to be analyzed and recorded by staff of DENR-Region VII.

It was a full day of fun and worthwhile activity, and I hope these kind of activities shall be done as often as possible and a proper awareness campaign for the people living around Mactan shall be done also, as this trash doesn’t decide to reach the sea without the consumers or people disposing them, especially Mactan is known for tourist, travelers and locals wanting a vacation alike. Development is not bad, it generates money and income for the community but destruction of environment because of these developments shouldn’t be acceptable. People should care ,think about the future of the seas which gave us source of life, we must think about the future generation;our children, we shall not deprive them of a good and healthy environment to live in.


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